ANNOUNCE: WoodPusher 0.1

WoodPusher is a chess application written in C#.  It was developed
using MonoDevelop ( and uses the Mono
Framework (  Version 0.1 is our initial public
release and is very much incomplete and buggy.  This is a release
for *developers* interested in improving WoodPusher.


If you want to submit patches or help out in other ways, please
join the mailing list:

WoodPusher 0.1

* Initial public release.

* What Works:
	- You can sign on to (FICS) and play a game
	  *if* you have an account (they disabled guest login).
	- Once you are logged in you should be able to pull up the
	  Sought dialog and select a game to play.  Playing the
	  game should mostly work. :)
	- You should also be able to pull up the Seek dialog and
	  seek your own game.

* What doesn't work:
	- Remembering login information
	- Clearing the move list between games
	- Displaying information such as time left per side
	- Closing some dialogs with the window close button
	  prevents the dialog from opening again. Use the Cancel
	  button instead.
	- ICC hasn't really been tested as I don't have an
	- No engines are hooked up yet.

jamin philip gray

I was going to buy a copy of The Power of Positive Thinking, and then
I thought: What good would that do?  --Ronnie Shakes

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