Re: Mozilla/GNOME interoperability

On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > GPL projects can take, modify, and redistribute as much NPL code as
> > they want, as long as they publish the changes.
> No.  Read the GPL again.  We can not link NPL code with GPL code.
> And no, we can not ask every author that contributed GPL code to give
> this special permission.  It is not practical, and in some cases not
> possible to reach these people anymore.


> [ Side note: As rms said in the past, we would be willing to make our
> code available to Netscape under both the GPL and NPL code to boost
> cooperation ]

On a related note, Netscape has in the past been open to reasonable
requests to relicensing portions of their code under for use in other
projects.  If I recall, they did this with their LDAP code.  I would think
that, even under their new management, they would be open to such requests
if they think that GPLing a few files for us would make Netscape more


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