Re: Mozilla/GNOME interoperability

I'd like to apologize to the list for getting out of control on the 
license issue.  I looked up the gnu.misc.discuss thread, and there wasn't 
anything authoritative there.  I looked up the statutes and case law and 
concluded that the issue of GPL (in)compatibility with pure-NPL code will 
not be litigated (at least not by the FSF).  So that particular issue will 
remain undecided indefinitely.

However, it still is unambiguously permissible to:

  - Link NPL code with LGPL code, which covers most (all?) of the core GNOME
  - Link NPL code with GPL code covered by author's permission.
  - Interoperate NPL code with GPL code through a CORBA interface.

These areas cover a huge amount of potentially fertile ground.  I'd like to
propose a discussion of the GNOME/Mozilla interoperability issues strictly
relevant to these areas.

	-Michael Robinson

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