RE: [Michael Bacarella <mbac nyct net>] GNOME architectural sugge stion..

>I definitely agree with the general sentiment of this mail, but...
>A general mail configuration system should really not be tied to gnome.
>Since we have this power to change even sacred cows like elm & pine, should
>we not try and get the whole thing right in one go, so that all email
>clients (regardless of colour or creed) can use the same interface onto the
>mail system (whatever that might be)?
>I don't think this belongs in a particular desktop enviroment, although it
>is a good idea and if implemented should be utilised by gnome.

Actually I think it is a good idea, because the people who know how to 
use elm, pine & mutt know de facto how to setup their email account.
So for the newbie users it would be of great assistance to have a 
"general" setup.


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