The point of GNOME/Offer of service

Dear Gnomers,

I am a Linux newbie. I am an open source newbie.

I have been reading posts from this list for about a
week and I have looked over most of the links at

I have a single question.

Where does Gnome stop and applications for Gnome

As for me, I have been programming for about 10 years
in the microsoft world and I find Linux to be a breath
of fresh air. I installed Redhat 5.2 after downloading
it last weekend. I have Gnome working but I am getting
alot of core dumps and I'm not sure why (I am using a
beta SVGA server for my Banshee 3dFX card...I think
that has alot to do with it) I will do this CVS thing
and get some code. I also just ordered a book about
the GTK toolkit. I think I am on the right track.

I would like to get involved in a project, but I want
to get involved with a group of people that has
patience and doesn't mind alot of questions. I have a
degree in meteorlogy from Rutgers and I just finished
my masters in computer science from the New Jersey
Institute of Technology (NJIT). I also am a Microsft
Certified Solution Developer, although that probably
doesn't carry much weight around here (Have some
pity...the tests were hard and I passed them while
attending school part time). I am competent but I am
not a super hero by any means, although I do have my
moments. Geographically speaking I live in New Jersey
(USA). If there are others out there who live near
where I live and are working on Gnome, I would be
happy to meet you. I love to learn by example, and
having an expert nearby would help immensely.

Hoping to contribute,

Steve Szyszkiewicz

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