Re: The point of GNOME/Offer of service

I guess I was trying to determine if this list was
aimed at actually developing/maintaining Gnome (the
overall UI) or applications that will work in Gnome
(like the Gnome Minesweeper). I am looking for the
overall strategy/vision of Gnome. What are we
developing here, and what gets installed with Gnome
and what gets installed seperately.

I am willing to put in 10-12 hours per week at least.
I have Fridays off from my regular job and I am
itching to learn Linux programming. Besides I have to
stop playing Quake or my brain will start to shrink
now that school is over.

I hope I can help.

--- Miguel de Icaza <> wrote:
> > Where does Gnome stop and applications for Gnome
> > begin?
> What do you mean?  What exactly are you asking?
> > I would like to get involved in a project, but I
> want
> > to get involved with a group of people that has
> > patience and doesn't mind alot of questions. 
> You found us.  We do not mind lots of questions. 
> Hey, we even read
> gnome-list!
> > I am competent but I am not a super hero by any
> means, although I do
> > have my moments.
> Someone said that big software projects are 1%
> inspiration, and 99%
> work and how much time are you willing to put on a
> project and get it
> done.
> cheers,
> Miguel.
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