help me test Guppi


Miguel says Guppi has been segfaulting on startup for the last few weeks.
I can't reproduce this and the backtrace doesn't really make any sense; it
would be great if a couple of other people could try it, to see if my
machine is weird or Miguel's is. I want to make a release soonish, and I
would like it to work.

You need gnome-xml, gnome-libs, and Guile 1.3 installed; then,
make install in 'goose' and 'guppi2'. If it doesn't build I would very
much like to know that too, but it should build. It will likely require
egcs 1.0 or 1.1, though gcc 2.8 would in principle work too, as long as
none of its bugs are triggered.

As I side note I'd like to know if anything dies horribly on 64-bit

If you do this, please let me know: 
 - if it builds on your system
 - if it segfaults on startup or not
 - any other segfaults you happen to find

As a torture test, you can open the terminal window, and do:
> (guppi-safe-load "testing.scm")
> (once)

(if the cwd is not guppi2/src you have to give the full path to


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