Re: Mozilla/GNOME interoperability

I wrote:
>I've already had this discussion on the Mozilla list.  Their position
>is that any IDL interface in Mozilla is fair game for anyone to script,
>export, or embed.  If their XPCOM code cannot be wrapped with a CORBA skel
>compiled from the XPIDL, that should be considered a bug and reported as such.
>(I've noticed that libIDL now has XPIDL support.)

I seem to have been somewhat mistaken.  It's not that libIDL has XPIDL
support, it's that libIDL *is* the XPIDL library (and is now part of the
mozilla build).

In any case, all the IDL interfaces will be scriptable from JavaScript, so
they should be equally accessible via ORBit.

	-Michael Robinson

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