RE: Gnome bug audit request.

On 09-Apr-99 Jacob Berkman wrote:
> Hi,
> I've spent today going through bug reports on, looking for
> fixed bugs.  I closed some that I know have been fixed, but there are
> probably many there that are fixed, but not closed.
> I think it would be a good idea for package maintainers (and others as
> well) to take a look at some of the outstanding bugs, especially the older
> ones, and close fixed bugs, or maybe even fix still-broken ones.
> Thanks,
> Jacob Berkman

I had closed a few before the demolition of the bug tracking machine, to
my guess, roughly 50% of the bugs on the tracker while i was working on it
are already fixed, old reports, and errored reports. It shouldn't taked too
much time for the package maintainers to take a look at them and weed out
the chaff.

Thank you Jacob for working on this. (It helps alleviate some of the user
problems that begin with, "well I looked at the bug tracker but there were
bugs 50 days old, why should I help???"  )



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E-Mail: Will LaShell <>
Date: 09-Apr-99
Time: 10:21:57

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