GNOME Ghostview bug, ghostscript, and GTK+

Hi Everybody,

I have been looking at the nasty bug in ggv (Gnome Ghostview) --the
one which is temporary fixed by restarting ghostscript-- for around a
week and I am feeling ready to capitulate. :)

I am asking to those who have gotten in contact with the code for some
directions. I have scan the code, debugged and compare it against the
original ghostview. Nothing seems wrong --which might mean I am
totally out to lunch. The ghostscript (gs) runs fine while rendering
the first page, but when the second is fed to it, it stops processing
the input from the pipe between itself and ggv.

So far I have debugged it as if gs and gtk+ are black boxes (I have
not looked inside of them). I recall that somebody posted sometime ago
--sorry I forgot her or his name-- that the implementation of the
pixmaps in GTK  had a bug. I wonder if this is why gs stops. Do
anybody think this might be the reason? 

Anybody that has worked with the code has any idea? 

Thanks for any suggestion,


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                                   views given in this volume
                                   should shock the religious
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