RE: rpm build person

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Fox, Kevin M wrote:

> I have been playing with your cvs rpms... they are excellent. thay have
> helped me out a bunch, keep up the good work... :)
Cool, thanx!  For those who don't know what he's talking about, they're at

> > > that he gets access? 
> > I missed the message, but I'll see what I can do.  Who is it?
Yeah, I have access and have started to commit various fixes.

> > Do theyknow they should be modifying the files rather than the
> > spec files?  Are they general changes that everyone will want in spec
> > files (eg. making the listen to more configure options) or
> > should they be kept separate (eg. using a different hardcoded prefix)?
I'm doing my best to make they as generic as possible.  I'm going to start
converting packages over to using files instead of spec files, as
I have time.  I'm setting the sequence to SNAP in CVS, as it is with most
packages I've seen, and relying on my snapshot scripts to set the sequence
to something specific to my build environment.

Pretty soon I should have a tutorial written up (with help from a friend)
on how to lay out packages for building in GNOME.  Something that's
specific to relatively simple GNOME packages but will eventually expand to
cover the more complex cases, as time allows.  None of the tutorials I've
seen on autoconf and friends are anywhere near as useful as they could be,
at least in the context of GNOME...  Besides, there's still a lot of
convention used in GNOME packages that's not written down anywhere except
the source...


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