corba config caching

  I haven't done any Gnome programming (yet) so dont flame me if I'm
wrong, but in my experience, it seems that sometimes Gnome/E suffer from
slight latency based on the fact that all config files are in various
ascii files.  So when many of these need to be read at once for something
such as starting panel, it must go through and parse them all one by one.
  My idea is to have some sort of caching config daemon(?) that would
communicate possibly using ORBit.  It could keep all this config
information in a binary cache file (similar to sendmail) and would
automatically update said cache when the modify times on the files
changed.  It wouldnt be too hard to implement and unless Im mistaken,
would add noticable performace benefits.
  A possible side effect would be applications able to read each others
config files easier?  Anyway please give me your thoughts on such a beast.
Ive been tossing it around for a while and I figured this would be a good
place to discuss it. Thanks
	Dave O

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