New game for Gnome almost ready for release

I have been working on a new game for Gnome for the last month.  It is
almost ready for an initial release.

I am hoping to find one, maybe two people who would be interested in
helping me with some aspects of the getting the code massaged into a
proper Gnome package.  I was about to embark on a fairly large
reorganisation of the code, but would like to get another opinion
about whether it is really necessary or not.  In my mind, I look at
the code as sort of a first draft or something.

For people who are into board games, the game is a reasonably faithful
implementation of the Settlers of Catan board game which can be played
over the Internet.  It is almost feature complete, and there are only
two known bugs (with the limited testing it has had so far).

If you are still reading, point your browser at:

I am about to put the entire thing into a tarball, so you will be able
to grab it and compile it.  Warning!  One of the outstanding tasks is
to do the automake, autoconf thang.  The Makefile is quite simple, and
should work without too many problems.  Go to the download page and
grab the tarball.  If you wish to lend me a hand, please send me some
email and we can discuss the work that has to be done at this stage.

Right now, I am really looking for help in getting the thing finished
and packaged up.  If you are a mad keen Settlers of Catan player, by
all means grab it and compile it.  You can do everything in the game
except player to player trading.

I have asked someone over there in the US to help me come up with
better pixmaps for painting the map, so that will probably improve in
the future too.  If you know you can do better than my hack job (it
wouldn't be too hard) with the pixmaps, please, help me out.

- Dave

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