Writing documentation, a quick guide to the environment

Hi fellow Gnomes,

FOr many, one of the hurdles of writing documentation is not writing
it, but getting the proper environment ready.


I spent some hours learning how to do it and as I result I decided to
write  a "quick and dirty" tutorial that might save you some hours of
learning how to write documentation for a widget (I believe that for
some it might take you longer to learn than to actually _write_ it,
but that is a different story ...)

If you are planning to write documentation but still have not set the
environment yet, this document is for you.

If have not yet planned to write documentation, this will easy your
"pain"  and will make it easier for your to do it; please consider

If you have written documentation, please read it and let me know if I
am lying somewhere, just be kind  :)

In other words, this document is for everybody :)

Daniel M. German                  "There is no national science as 
                                   there is no national multiplication table;
   Anton Chekov ->                  what is national is no longer science."


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