Re: Passing data to menu callback

On Sat, Jul 31, 1999 at 07:11:57PM -1000, halfline wrote:
> I'm trying to pass an integer through the user data field of the
> macro.  I pass it by casting it (gpointer) &var, but when i try to re case it
> back as integer it
> gives me some junk number.. y?
> Here are the functions that pertain to it

Your callback is getting a pointer to a widget... In
gnomehack, I do the following to pass an int through a menu
(nethack/win/gnome/GnomeHackMainWindow.c if you want to look 
at the code in CVS):

GnomeUIInfo edit_menu[] = {
               GNOME_APP_UI_ITEM, N_("Inventory"),
               N_("Edit/View your Inventory"), ghack_accelerator_selected,
               GINT_TO_POINTER('i'), NULL, GNOME_APP_PIXMAP_NONE, NULL, 'i', 0

static void
ghack_accelerator_selected (GtkWidget *widget, gpointer data)
    GdkEventKey event;
    int key = GPOINTER_TO_INT( data); 
    /* Do stuff with the key value */

Good luck,


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