Re: gnorba stuff

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>  Could you explain what you are asking here?
>  Programs use the CORBA_ORB from CORBA_ORB_init(), and I'm not sure what
>  more there is to it. :)
When you don't understand somehting, you ask sometimes stupid questions.... 
my case.

BTW: if i understood well, /gnome-libs/libgnorba/goad.c, 
The pipe is created to get the IOR string of the newly created server back to 
the goad so that the return value of the function is the CORBA_Object of the 
newly created server.
Now, why not simply using the name server to get the CORBA_Object of the 
newly created server (which is expected to have registered) and forgetting 
this pipe stuff ? Has this pipe another use i missed ?


I understand that there are many whys in my mails but please pardon me : i 
just try to figure out all these things.

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