GNOME Usability Improvements

Suggestion. One of the usability problems in programs has always been,
features vs. ease of use. If it is to be powerful, it will have many options
that get in the way of non power users. I think the solution to the problem
is to use libglade and some hacked gnome code. Then through a control center
capplet, you can choose GURU mode verses simple mode. Then the programs
appear with a basic gui for the people who only want a simple interface, and
us guru's, :), get the better gui's. Using libglade will simplify coding and
allow for more flexibility. Libglade has like 0 overhead so that wouldn't be
much of a problem.

Second suggestion on the lines of the wm. Please maintain neutral on the wm.
One of the reasons that I chose gnome over kde is because I had my choice of
wm. As long as the wm spec goes out, it wont be a problem making a gnome wm.
We just can use any wm spec compliant wm.
Also, the other concern with the wm is themes. Proposed solution: Make a
scheme. A scheme is a file with a list of different themes. EX:


Since themes are sorted by type like /themename/gtk. It would be easy to


A scheme capplet would replace the current theme selector and change all
themes at once via add on modules.

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