Re: oops - gnome-terminal patch v2 :)

> > > termina-control --title="My Title"
> > >
> > 
> > For those of us who are technically-minded this makes sense. However,
> > this may not be so obvious to less qualified instances of User, so a
> > 'right-hand click' option would make it easier for them to take
> > advantage of this functionality.
> > 
> > Even if you were to bundle a simple /usr/bin/terminal-control shell
> > script, it would save us technically-minded people a little time and
> > research ;)
> Also, wouldn't the right click conflict with many WM's?  I know E
> already uses the right click on the title bar of windows although this
> appears to be configurable...

This is irrelevant, it's inside the window (as the existing right-click
menus is).

Of course most users would use --title on the command line, as they
might for xterm.  The session manager should remember this across
sessions too.


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