configure question.

This is not 100% gnome related, but it is for a gnome app, and I am not
sure where else to ask.

Soemtimes when I am compiling an app, I'll run configure, and it will go
through its thing and everything will be fine.  then when I run make, it
goes and runs autoconf, automake, etc and then re-runs configure.  My
question is why does it do this?  Why not just begin compiling?  

Normally I wouldn't care, it is just a few more seconds in the proccess,
but there have been cases where the first configure worked fine, but then
due to some problem the second configure, when run by the makefile, does
not work.  Is the second run thorugh really needed?  is there some way I
can change my setup to avoid this?  I've read thorugh some of the autconf
guides online, but haven't seen any mention of this.


Christopher Rogers

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