Re: how efficient is the canvas

>  This is one place where imlib's cache is useful.  When we switch over to
>  gdkpixbuf, it would probably be a good idea to look at creating some sort
>  of caching system to go on top of it.  The icons in the panel menu would
>  also benefit from this.

I think keeping X pixmaps around is Evil(tm).  Once I'm done fixing
the image item, I will only leave gdk_imlib support in it for
backwards compatibility; the image item will much prefer it if you use
GdkPixbuf instead.  It will not be keeping X pixmaps around; when the
image has to render itself, it will ask GdkRGB/libart to render it
properly.  This saves you from keeping two copies of the image in
memory at once, one for the RGBA data and one for the X pixmap.


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