RE: drag and drop in gnome

Title: RE: drag and drop in gnome

>                       If set for a widget, when a drop occurs, GTK+
>                       will will check if the drag matches this
>                       widget's list of possible targets and
>                       actions. If so, GTK+ will call
>                       gtk_drag_data_get() on behalf of the
>                       widget. Whether or not the drop is succesful,
>                       GTK+ will call gtk_drag_finish(). If the
>                       action was a move, then if the drag was
>                       succesful, then TRUE will be passed for the
>                       delete parameter to gtk_drag_finish().

Do the GTK/GDK allow the programmer to play odd tricks with the DnD?
Say, if I realizes that a widget ( in another application ) accepts drops, then I could fake a user drag to that widget from one of mine? Or, I could fake a drag request from that widget, to me...

( Sometimes I have wished that this would be an opportunity. Instead of dragging data, I could "attach" it to the pointer, and click the data in place. )

// Liss

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