Re: new gnome-session logout

Because you might want to save some state between these sub sessions.  Say
that in my average day I might do some coding, some gimping and some word
processing.  I may not want all these programs in memory at once, so would
split them into separate sub sessions.

After coding for a bit, I could close that sub session and open the word
processing one (which would open the same documents I was editing last
time, and have the insertion point positioned where it was before).  When
I want to go back to coding, emacs could be started with the same buffers
open with the insertion point where they were before.

It is a little more complicated than simple shell scripts.  I wonder if
XSMP can do this sort of thing?



On Sat, 7 Aug 1999, Halfline wrote:

> Oliver wrote,
> >>I want to be able to open(or close) a bunch of applications at once by
> >>hitting the "open my image scanning stuff" or "open my faxing stuff"
> >>button.
> Why don't you just put calls to the programs into shell scripts?
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> Halfline
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