CVS Introduction needed


I have for a few weeks been using cvs versions of E, Esound, imlib, fnlib
and audiofile, all from opn, without too much bother. I feel now the time
is right to enquire about obtaining gnome from cvs too.

I am at this minute obtaining from glib, gtk+, imlib,
ORBit, gnome-libs and gnome-core, however I have a few questions before
getting stuck-in:

1. I don't want to hold two copies of things as I appear to be with imlib
right now. How can I tell which to use? I see Eterm is also duplicated on
both gnome and opn cvs servers, yet the one on opn appears to be out of
date. Since I'm on a modem in Britian (per-min telco charges) I obviously
have to keep d/ls down to a minimum and duplication right out.

2. Would someone explain the layout of the gnome cvs server to me? I
understand there's the one for which 1.0.x releases are taken, perhaps one
for the 1.0.50 release, and one for unstable and new things (head?). Could
anyone explain what to get for what purpose? I'm planning on using the
most stable (1.0.x) tree, but may decide to use the 'bleeding edge' new
tree in the future (how are people finding it? generally stable? crashing
every day? opinions?).

3. gnome-core and gnome-libs seem a little basic for gnome needs, although
they are the only requirements. In order to see more gnome-stuff, should I
also get some libs and gnome-* packages? Please advise.

4. Finally, how are people finding the cvs version? Buggy? Hard to build?
I'm talking percentage of failures to build not task of autogenning and so
forth... Any opinions? Thanks.

James Green
Home of the 56k FAQ.

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