Re: help gdm and Xauthority

>>>>> "Vladimiro" == Vladimiro Sassone <> writes:

Vladimiro> I'm in trouble with gdm (downloaded from the latest
Vladimiro> unstable debian distribution gdm 1.0.0-9), as X (XFree86
Vladimiro> Version does not accept the cookie it
Vladimiro> generates. Can anybody advice me on what to do?

Does the latest debian use recent glibc 2.1.x? In that case there's an
issue with gdm's use of putenv().

Quick workaround: Uncomment g_free(s); in gdm_putenv() in misc.c.

gdm2 (which enters beta in a bugfix or two) fixes this properly. 

Martin Kasper Petersen			BOFH, IC1&2, Aalborg University, DK

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