Re: Grammar problems in gnomecal


You wrote:
> >  E.g.
> >  
> >      ----------------------------- 
> >   x |  Day of the month: [ 24 ]   |
> >      -----------------------------
> >  
> >      -----------------------------
> >   o | Week of the month: [ 2 ]    |
> >     |                             |
> >     | Day of the week: [ Monday ] |
> >      -----------------------------
> This is not bad.  I'll put this in gnomecal soonish.  I think I'll
> write a little blurb for the i18n section of the GNOME Programming
> Guidelines explaining this, with the old gnomecal UI as an example of
> what not to do.

 There is yet another little problem in the gnomecal. It uses locale
to get month name, both short and long form, and then uses it as a
label of that month. I do not know about other languages, but it does
not work with Russian locale. In Russian locale names of the month are
in accusative case, because in actual date we use accusative case.
E.g. "May 21 1999" would be "21 Ma{ja} 1999" and not "21 Maj 1999",
but you want to use nominative case "Maj", not "Ma{ja}", as a label in
the calendar.

In the long run, one may improve locale, so that it knows more about
local calendar and date use, but for now we have to change gnomecal so
that it uses its own translation for month names and might even
distinguish "calendar form" and "date form" (right now it is not
nessasary, because it uses short form for dates.)

 All the best ...


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