Re: corba/gnorba/bonobo documentation + misc question/ideas said:
// 2) this is just an idea: was wondering : why not having a window
// manager  using some special gtk widgets to decorate windows ? this is
// stupid ? or  allready on the work ? this would instanously give us an
// enlightenment like  window manager... Perhaps is this much too slow. 

See gnomewm on CVS. It is not ready for general consumption though.
Other solutions are also considered. said:
// 3) does libart use gdk at the lowest level ? or xlib ? 
None. libart's rendering takes place in dedicated buffers
and uses its own primitives. said:
// 4) i used kde 6 months ago and gnome since then. Some friends used
// kde, still  use kde and tried gnome: they agree with me. Why are gnome
// applications much  slower than kde ? This is really noticeable even on
// fast machines and my P  233 with 96MB and 2MB video really IS slow. I
// understand that many parameters  may go into such a question and the
// question itself does not make much sense  but it is something i can
// see and it makes me angry. 

If kde is really quicker than Gnome and if the difference is more than
10%, then this is an real issue.

Do you think you could provide this mailing list with quantitative (I mean 
numerical) tests (everybody could reproduce) ?

Best regards,


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