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>  > 4) i used kde 6 months ago and gnome since then. Some friends used kde, 
> still 
>  > use kde and tried gnome: they agree with me. Why are gnome applications 
> much 
>  > slower than kde ? This is really noticeable even on fast machines and my 
>  > 233 with 96MB and 2MB video really IS slow. I understand that many 
> parameters 
>  > may go into such a question and the question itself does not make much 
> sense 
>  > but it is something i can see and it makes me angry.
>  > 
>  We need specific examples of things that are slow. Which things seem slow
>  - what do you do, specifically, in which applications?

Well, as i allready said, this was qualitative: one thng which kills me is: 
take any window, and move it around the screen fast with the mouse. 
(alt+leftclick down) The movement will be allmost perfect with kde and will 
be really slow (saccaded, you know, no smooth motion) with the gnome. 
kde's file manager is also much faster at displaying directory's contents. 
One good exemple is that if you move into a directory using the vertical 
elvator at the right, there is a certain speed (which must depend on the 
video card speed i realize) where your own motion is slow and the screen is 
not updated by gmc. Higher speeds will update better but not very good and 
lower speeds will update cleanly. My guess is that the updating time is 
exactly the one i use to move and thus every time the update is completed 
into some internal buffer, one has to do another update. The problem is that 
if this goes on a few times, it does what i explained.

That's all i can leave as details but well, if you really want some 
quatitative stuff, i will try to reinstall kde and do some testing with both 
of them. (reainstalling kde means lots of pain through my modem connection 

>  We can't resolve the problem without details...


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