orbit generated headers


I just noticed something which seems wrong to me in orbit generated headers:
the folowing interface declaration :
module FruitsBasket {
  interface Aple {
    void EatMe ();
    void ThrowMe ();

will generate the folowing function signatures in the generated header:

void (*EatMe) (PortableServant_Servant *servant, CORBA_Environment)
while it should be (the standard says so at least) 
void (*EatMe) (POA_FruitsBasket_Apple * servant, CORBA_Environment)
I know that it happens to be just the same but... 

I also noticed that the implementation skeleton generated by orbit 
implicitely creates a data structure to pass more information to the 
implementation functions: the poa. we have 
typedef struct {
 FruitsBasket_Apple servant;
 PortableServer_POA poa;
} impl_FruitsBasket_Apple;

Am i right ?

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