[Borland survey results] The tide is turning

Hi all,



A lot of people want to build GPL Apps and Utils, and a lot of people want
RAD tools not just IDEs, and most want to use Delphi and C/C++.

25.0% are interested in developing with GTK+ as opposed to 18.3% with Qt,
26.% were familiar with the toolkits.

50.1% run KDE, 27.5% run GNOME

41.0% are interested in developing for KDE, 28.3% for GNOME, 16.9% for
none in particular.

59.8% develop for Windows, 25% for Linux, 6.3% Java

59.5% want to develop for both Windows and Linux, 32.6% want to switch
most development from Windows to Linux

49.9% said source code compatibility between Windows and Linux is "very

79.5% had a development team of 1-5 developers

24,194 developers responded between July 9 and July 31 1999.

Apols for critical typos in above if there are any, Borland should be
thanked for providing the community with this info.

James Green
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