On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Chris Jones wrote:
> Since I already have GNOME installed from rpm, is there an easy way to
> get the two to live happily on my system together?

Nah, you pretty much have to delete the RPMs.
> I doubt there is, so I removed the rpms before installing the CVS
> code. Bizarely, the CVS code dumped itself in /usr/local/* by default
> whereas the older rpm files had always been in /usr/*. Is this just
> the preference of the person who built the RPMs?

RPMs are made with --prefix=/usr and --sysconfdir=/etc. Normally you want
/usr/local or some other prefix (/opt/gnome is popular) when building
yourself, so you can easily delete the GNOME stuff. If you install to
/usr without using RPM, you'll end up with a giant mess and no way to
separate the GNOME stuff from everything else on your system in order to
uninstall it.

> The panel updates are looking very nice indeed (although they were a
> little bland without pixmap support - the imlib code I grabbed didn't
> really work at all ;)

Yes, CVS is like that. :-) It really _isn't_ recommended if you don't plan
to do development; we can and will break it and wreck your whole
environment. (We will try not to, but it's inevitable during development

> I also had some issues with the "make install" for some of the
> componants not copying include files from the source dir to a system
> include dir. I dont have any records of which ones didn't work as I
> had to put the rpms back on to do some work ;)

They'll copy to the prefix include dir, default is /usr/local/include.
This is standard and correct behavior. (Again, if you don't know about
makefiles and development, expect CVS to burn you really badly - not


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