The game formally known as....

Hi folks.

I have recently started development on a scrabble game for Gnome. The
project is only a couple of weeks old, but is coming along.

My working title has been Gnome-scrabble, but it has been (correctly)
pointed out to me that this name is a trademark, and I cannot use it.

My imagination sucks.

For this reason I am asking for suggestions for a new name for the
game. One that will convey the "scrabble" idea, whilst avoiding
copyright infringements :)

I first though Gnabble, then I thought, no, that sucks.

If anyone has any suggestions, please mail them, or submit them to the
list. I can code, but thinking up funky names is on the whole, beyond
me ;)

Reply soon, I have some serious sed-ing to do ;)

sed s/gnome-scrabble/newname/g , or something like that?

(and the reason for posting this to gnome-devel-list too)

Is there a quick and easy way to rename an entire CVS module?

Or do I remove the whole lot and re-import?

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