Re: geometry specification in Apps.

> > does not take into account the size of the window if the parameters
> > are negative. For instance, try 
> > 
> > gnome-terminal --geometry 40x30-0+0
> > 
> > You will see that instead of locating the window in the upper right
> > corner, you will see it (or not :) out of the screen.
> I wouldn't expect gtk_widget_set_uposition() to do the funky X
> geometry stuff. In fact, since it takes integers, it _couldn't_
> distinguish -0. 
> However, that if you set a position of -1 for
> gtk_widget_set_uposition(), it will unset the position entirely is a
> misfeature of the API.
> That there isn't a way of setting the gravity hint on a GTK window is
> a missing feature. You need this to properly do the X style -0 stuff.

Gnome has a special geometry parser for the above, so it does
handle the -0 case, but its implemented wrong, and tries to 
do 'x = screenwidth + x offset', etc (at least last time I looked,
I let Federico know, but i dont think anything happened about it).

But still, the lack of gravity hint means it could never quite work


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