Final name change! (was Re: gnostic)

* jack wallen, jr ( wrote:
> i just want to point out to everyone that the word Gnostic has some fairly
> religious undertones.  (actually in a 'new age' kinda religious way) which
> believes that man was created by a demi-God, who was blundering at best,
> malefic at worst.  The Gnostic believes that Mankind must liberate itself
> from the grip of material existence and find a way to return to the land
> of his origin.
> i'd avoid that name.  but that's just my two cents

Ok. I've had _many_ emails like this one. I didn't get the religious
conotations in my Concise Oxford dictionary... I checked in a huge
volume, and yes, a Gnostic (capital G) means a religious heretic.


New working title - Gnerudite.

(I like the Gn, the association with Gnome appeals to me).

Thanks Sergey!

If anyone has any problems with this, let me know soon!

Could a developer rename my module? Havoc?

Thanks folks.

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