ggv version 0.51

Hi Everybody

A new release of ggv is ready. Elliot mentioned that it will be
desirable to add it to the next major GNOME release, so please, try
it! And more important, submit bugs. I don't want to sent it to the
war without proper testing :)


*Nicer support from the command line:
  - geometry support
  - it adds the extension .ps, .ps.gz, .pdf if none specified
  - spartan view (no sidebar)
  - no menu view
*Some memory leaks fixed
*Some bugs fixed (hopefully none added)
*It actually deletes temporal files
*Most debug messages are gone.

Thanks to Herbert Riedel ( who hacked the spec file
we have RPMs!

You can download it from cvs and

If you want RPMs you can download them from:

I'd like to add support for marking pages (run gv to understand what I
mean). If someone has some spare time and can help me with the GUI (I
am not a good gtk programmer :() I'd greatly appreciate it. Or at
least, some hints on what is the best way to do it.

Daniel M. German


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