Re: Panel proposal

While we're on the topic of new ideas for the panel, I'll put in my 2 cents.

(I'm sorry if this was mentioned before.)

Must some part of the panel be visible at all times?  How about this FOR AN OPTION: A panel pops up in its own window (looking something like the old RedHat Control Panel) on some button press.  For example, one pops up when and where the user button3-clicks over the desktop (a pull-down menu shows up now, but one of the menu items could say, "Popup Panels").

And then you could have a series of popup panels, each in some pre-defined catagory.  So, button3-click on the desktop:

         | Popup Panels > |+-----------------+
         | Bla            || Graphics        |
	 | Bla            || System Monitors |
	 | Bla            || Utilities       | 
	 | Bla            |+-----------------+
	 | Bla            |

Some people already use multiple panels and put them into categories.  For example, I like to have one panel with launcher buttons for programs I use regularly and one panel with system monitor applets like Modem Lights and CPULoad.


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