help with pixmaps

I'm trying to make a "readerboard" panel applet.  I've been looking at the
GNOME API and I have some questions.  Looking at applets like gtcd which
has does some things similar to what I want to do (ie use a xpm as a
fontmap).  What it looks like I need to use is gdk_draw_pixmap and
gdk_draw_rectangle is what I want.  However, I'm completely clueless on
how exactly this works if I use GnomePixmap.  There are a number of

1) gdk_draw_pixmap requires a gdkwindow type as it's first parameter,
unfortunately, if I use gnome_app_new, do I use this as my window
parameter?  How do I use a gdkwindow if al I have is "myapp =
gnome_app_new(yadda, yadda);"??

2)There seems to be no documentation on gdk_draw_pixmap in fact there
seems to be no documentation on any gdk_draw_* functions.  Does anybody
know where this is located?

3) Is there any tips/sample code that will replace a character with it's
xpm counterpart?  

Most of the code I've seen in the applet section are all using straight
gtk/gdk.  But if you try to plan straight Gnome API there doesn't seem to
give you enough primitives here.  We seem to have numerous functions that
will convert a xpm to a pixmap, in gdk, gtk, and in gnome.  Which is the
right one to use for GNOME only?

I've looked through allt he archives (archives seriously needs a search
feature, so does  I can't seem to answer this
question.  Can anybody help me here?  Thanks!


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