Re: -rdynamic

On Thu, Aug 26, 1999 at 08:53:05AM +0930, NotZed wrote:
> > (I've converted a program that I've written a while ago into a
> > shared libary, and I dlopen this library from another program,
> > but am running into a problem caused by a duplicated symbol names.
> > Of course I can change this name, but I would think it should be
> > possible to hide the shared library symbol. For now I've solved it
> > by not linking the executable with -rdynamic.)
> The only way is to use a unique namespace for your library,
> e.g.
>  my_library_the_function()
> Is a good way to do it, and used by stuff in gnome (and just about every
> other library i can think of).

I know, and that would solve it, but it is not very elegant,
since I would still export 'internal' symbols that could be used
by dumb programs, and those programs would stop working after an internal
change of the library.

And I would have to change all symbols in existing code.

To get what I really want, I could join all my sources into one   
big file, and declare all my 'internal' symbols as static.
But that's pretty ugly.

Anyway, if there's no way to do what I want, then I guess I'll
have to live with it. But it would be nice if it were possible
to give the linker a list of symbols that are to be exported,
and make the linker throw away all other symbols. (And I can't
really see why that's technically impossible.)


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