GNOME print native drivers.

Hello guys,

   I just have to brag about this cool hack of mine.  I have added
a preview driver to gnome-print and added a (hackish, proof of
concept) layer for doing native drivers for native printers.

   The GnomePrintPreview implements the print preview, the driver
operates on a Canvas, so you have to provide a canvas and then the
pages are rendered there.

   A simple control object is used to change the current page

   On the other hand I have a base abstract class called
GnomePrintRGBP that implements a generic band-based rasterizer (using
the above GnomePrintPreview plus a couple of hacks) to generate RGB
bands that are one inch tall.

   These bands are passed to the native driver.  Currently only a
sample output-to-rgb-file driver exists.  I am going to get my PCL
manual for my printer today and write an HP LaserJet4 driver :-)


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