Re: Simplifying package installation.

On 26 Aug, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
:     Now, why is this better?  Because a user only needs to download the
:  Gnumeric.App.tar.gz and put it on its home directory, we could then
:  take care of launching it correctly, with no root involved in the
:  process. 

Let's say we have a couple, husband and wife, new to the ways of Unix.
They share a single computer. The husband downloads Gnumeric.App.tar.gz
to his home dir, and happily runs Gnumeric. He logs out and his wife
logs in. Gnumeric.App is not in her home dir and Gnumeric is not on her
menu. "Where's Gnumeric?" she asks. "I don't know, I downloaded it," he
says. So then she'll either give up, or download another (redundant)
copy of Gnumeric into her home dir.

What to do about this?

	- A

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