Re: Simplifying package installation.

I think with rpm you can specify a different directory to the rpm
databases. Also, combined with portable rpms, it should work right now.
Just point the rpm database to one in your home directory, and set the
root of the package to your home directory.

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Justin Maurer wrote:

> > And if someone solves the 'personal rpm' problem then that'll work without
> > passwords too
> personal rpm sounds like the best idea to me, but i haven't had much feedback 
> on the idea. i haven't looked at the rpm code in a long time (pre-3.0), but 
> i can't imagine it would be too hard to fact, it sounds quite 
> simple. the only real issues i can see are a) space, but without quotas, it is 
> silly, since i can just make all the big files i want, (hacked) rpm or not, 
> and b) removing apps from the system db that a user's rpms need, since the 
> user installing an rpm can obviously check the system db, but not vice-versa. 
> this could be done with some separate suid program, though, couldn't it?
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