Re: Simplifying package installation.

> How about this:
> Write a gnome install program.
> RPMS, DEBS, whatever is associated with it.
> When a RPM (or whatever) is opened, the install program
> first checks the package against the packaging system installed on the
> system.
> If it is not a native package, it uses alien to convert it.
> It then prompts you do you want to install it for use only on this
> account, or for use on all accounts. If you say local, it sets your rpm
> database to the one in your home and installs the rpm there. If you say
> system, it asks for the root password, and installs it via a call to rpm
> through su.

	This rocks.  Great idea!  If none of the recognized package
systems is installed, the installer can default it to a .tar.gz and
install it wherever the user wants (and has permission to).

	Programmers can distribute their software in whatever package they
prefer--RPMS, whatever.  Then the installer will just convert to the
native package format of the enduser's system.  We could even add features
to make Gnome installs as customizable as InstallShield installs--for
example, having a full-screen background image come up, or playing back
sounds or animations during the installation copy process.  Just have a
file called "gnome-install-script" within the package's filelist.

	I'm all for the above Gnome Install program.  The only issues left
are the package-specific ones, i.e. user-level installs for RPM.


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