Re: Bug in ClockMail Applet

De Saedeleer Ivan <> wrote:

>>From gnome-core 1.9
>File applet/clockmail/properties.c
><  if (ad->mail_file == NULL || strcmp(buf,ad->mail_file) != 0)
>>  if (strcmp(buf,ad->mail_file) != 0)
>strcmp does not like when ad->mail_file is null.

Thanks, I have applied this fix.

>If it is not the good place to send this, can you tel me where ?

This is the correct place, but because it can be high volume at times, a patch
may go by unnoticed by the maintainer. A program maintainer's address may be
listed in AUTHORS and or the MAINTAINERS files included with the source.

Another way is to send short patches as a bug report to the bug reporting
mechanism (check at least this way it won't be forgotten.

John Ellis <>

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