Re: Simplifying package installation.

> (A possibility to specify a list of additional trusted users on a
> per user basis would be ok.)

	It's called "group permissions", maybe you've heard of them.  I
don't see why we need to re-invent the Unix security model just because we
have a GUI desktop.

	Someone here mentioned MS Windows NT required that you be the
Administrator (read: root) to install new libs and packages.  That sounds
like a reasonable plan to me.

	I'm beginning to think we don't really need user-level installs.
Miguel's original message was that installs need to be easier.  At this
point, it looks like user-level installs will make things harder, not
easier.  The prior example of the wife wondering why Gnumeric isn't in her
menu when the husband knows he installed it is a good one.

	We just need an easy installation GUI that prompts the user for
the root password when installing a new package.  That would make it easy
(no need to log in again, or "su", or anything--you'd just need to know
the root password).  Have that installation program act as a wrapper
around the system's native packaging format (RPM, DEB, ...whatever).


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