Re: Default window manager

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Andreas Hyden wrote:

> Any proof?
> I nooticed it my self.. and all people I know..
> One of Gnome's goals is to provide a desktop environment
> for beginners...

Perhaps you are thinking of E with a default theme like Hand of God.

I'm running GNOME right now and enlightenment is 17th on the list (sorted
by memory usage) behind the panel (6MB), xmms (4.2MB), gnome-terminal
(3.2MB), gmc (3MB), mini_commander (2.1MB), xfs, gnome pager and some
others (including the X server and netscape, of course).

> When for instance a beginner install it and use enlightenmnent they noticed
> that the memory isn't enough and it's slow... and they think. "Gnome is
> slow and buggy, better to use KDE instead".
> Why don't just replace enlightenment with another wm?

E is using up 1.6MB on my system right now.

Can we pick on something else please?

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