Re: Styleguide?

Derek Simkowiak wrote:

>         Then can we change that 'stock item' in Glade to read Page
> Setup?  I'd email the author, but has not resolved for
> me in several weeks so I don't have an email address.

Glade uses the macros defined in gnome-libs/libgnomeui/gnome-app-helper.h
Gnome then turns this into the 'Print Setup' menu label.
So I can't change it in Glade.
If you really want 'Page Setup' you'll have to use a normal menu item.

>         One thing that has become apparant to me is that the development
> tools strongly influence the design of applications.  For example, Glade
> has "Edit/Properties", "Settings/Preferences", and "Help/About" entries as
> 'stock items' in its menu editor.  It's a good bet those items will be
> fairly common in new Gnome apps as they are developed.

All of these come from gnome-app-helper.h.
I copied the structure from there as much as possible for Glade.


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