Re: New version of GGV

 Gerard Milmeister twisted the bytes to say:

 Gerard> It's good to have a replacement for gv. However one feature I
 Gerard> would like (and not for ggv only), is to be able to save the
 Gerard> current geometry.  I want my PostScript always to start up
 Gerard> fullscreen.

Hi Gerard,

You can use the --geometry command line option to specify where and
how big the original window is.

We will work in providing this feature.


 Gerard> Regards,

 Gerard> -- 
 Gerard> Gérard Milmeister <>
 Gerard> Tannenrauchstrasse 35
 Gerard> 8038 Zürich
 Gerard> Switzerland
 Gerard> +41 1 481 52 48

Daniel M. German                  "Computer Science is no more
                                   about computers than astronomy
   Edsger Dijkstra  ->             is about telescopes"


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