Probably a stupid question-GnomeMDI&GnomeApp


If it is as it says in subject please don't laugh out too loud!

Here goes:

I have a GnomeApp, top-level window and all.

It works fine, thank you.

Now I just thought, what the heck! Why don't I put it in a GnomeMDI.

Well needless to say I tried with 

	child=GnomeGenericChild("appname", win._o)

where win is my GnomeApp.(if you are wondering what the hell are 
._o's, I am using pygnome)
I then tried 

and it complains that it is an invalid cast.

Now my question. What is wrong? Is this even possible and if no, why 

If no, wouldn't it be lovely to have this? It would really give much 
sense to Multiple Document interface (right? Or wrong?).

If yes, then please enlighten me!

H. Aurag

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