Re: Milestones document

> However, I think the feeling is that gnome-libs is almost ready. For API
> completeness we need:
>  - freeze gnome-vfs API and merge it into gnome-libs
>  - add GnomeFileSelection to gnome-libs
>  - freeze GtkHTML and merge into gnome-libs
>  - move GtkXmHTML to "compat lib" (well, it will just remain as a separate
>    lib but maybe only optionally built)
>  - write some compat library stuff
>  - finish port of ZvtTerm to gdk-pixbuf
>  - a long list of canvas/iconlist related stuff (cleanup canvas items,
>    finish some libart things, canvas printing, finish new icon list)
>  - finish DItem and do an editor widget for it
>  - Not sure what's up with gnome-print, we might need to put that
>    in too, but whether it's ready for prime time I don't know.

Other things that need doing off the top of my head.

   - Docs (as always)
   - Animation mess needs to be figured out (volunteers always appreciated)
   - help-system needs to be finalized


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