Re: Milestones document

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, NotZed wrote:
> *choke*
> A 20K app that shows 4 configurable text boxes?
> You're kidding me, right?

$ ls -l .libs/basic-gconf-app 
-rwx------   1 hp       hp           9996 Dec  6 01:10 .libs/basic-gconf-app

Do you have an Alpha or something?

Looks like less than 10K to me, and it has two windows (app + prefs
dialog), plus try/revert like the control center, plus run two of them at
once and notice the nifty synchronization.

The GConf API used is not larger than the gnome-config API used in
gnome-terminal, so even if you consider 10K big it certainly isn't the
fault of GConf.

I don't see what your point is... how could some get/set config values
calls be unduly inflating an executable? That doesn't even make sense.


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