Re: --with-prefix problem

 My solution to this weird problem is to link



/usr/share/gnome/apps/Local Applications

Your apps will then appear in the menu under the 'Local Applications' 

I think this should either be done automatically, or have a tool in 
control-center available to root that would add PATHS to the list of 
acceptable PATHS for gnome apps, help files ........ in a canonical 

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On 12/6/99, 7:20:21 PM, Rodrigo Moya <> wrote regarding 
--with-prefix problem:

> Hi all!

> When using the above option in configure specifying the same dir 
> as the GNOME installation, the help files are found, the .desktop file
> appears in the GNOME menus, etc. But, when a different prefix is used
> (/usr/local for example) nothing of this happens.

> Is there any way of making all this work regardless of the dir prefix
> used to install the app?

> Cheers

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